Friday, 13 February 2009

Busy Bee!

Ooops! I have managed to abandon my blog for over to months....tut tut! Thought it was not through laziness as i have been a very busy bee the over the last two months! With a trip home over christmas and new year, then a university trip to the NYC!!!

And then straight back into the workshops with our most recent breif, which was my research project. The outcomes of this project were to investigate a designer and there methods and inspirations they uses within there work. Then to produce a piece using there methods or inspiration (and not a direct copy). As well as a 10minute presentation to the rest of our class and tutors. I must say i was dreading this project at first but after i recieved my designer, Yoko Izawa, who i was really interested in...seemed to made the presentation feel a lot easier to do! (im usually terrible at public speaking!) below is the piece i produced, a long unattached neck piece

And one of my favourite example of Yoko's knitted bracelets.

So now im just wait to get hold of my next project, which i think is going to be a narrative piece :)....i can see me doing a lot of photo etching fun! But with the way the weather has been the last couple of day ( a snow day on Thursday as it got that heavy they closed the univercity!!!) who knows!

Im gonna try keep a bit more up to date with my blogging....:D

ta ta for now!

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