Saturday, 28 February 2009

All work and lots of play...

I hope everyone has had as much fun on pancake day as me and a couple of my friends did! As we are all pretty inexperienced in the pancake making department which resulted in lots of mess but lots of fun. We had all the ingredients but no idea how to mix them, but with a quick phone call to my mother (who i must say is an amazing baker) we got there in the end :D! But the aftermath did make my poor little kitchen look as though a bomb had hit it!

I have been in the design department all this week getting on with my Narrative project. Iv started to collect inspiration from Victorian Mourning Jewellery.....looking at the way they used 'keepsake' to remember the dead. Some of the piece iv seen are very pretty crossed with being a bit creepy, as they tended to use a lot of human hair. A contemporary take on the uses of mourning jewellery is shown by Julia Deville, who uses gold and silver, as well as materials which were once living, like jet and taxidermist animals

Meliane Bilenker is a designer who uses small pieces of hair to create line drawing in her brooches.

Both these designer have really made me think about using a mixture of different materials in my piece, altho....i cant see myself using dead animal!

This month is going to be a very busy one at university! Lots of hand-ins due as well as dissertation proposals :(....but i hope to get a move on with my designs for the Westend Festival. As soon as I do I'll get some pictures up :)

Off to enjoy the rest of my lazy night


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