Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Lots to do... So lets get cracking!

Now all the holiday antics are over its time to get down to the job at hand.... degree show! Before the holidays I had been really struggling with my designs and concept. I think having the thought of this being my last year to prove myself and to show that I can do it really blocked my view. But i think i final have it. From the theme of Victorian mourning jewellery I realised I wanted to look into memories throughout life, the good, the bad and how it events can chance your path in life. This lead me to look at growth rings within tree stubs so over the holidays iv been drawing from this source.

These are some of the images that have inspired me .....

I have also been wanting to add reclaimed textiles within these designs so i have been looking into interesting stitching techniques. I love Karen Ruane delicate pretty embroidered pieces.

So all I need to do now is, get my finger out...and get on with it!

Oh and here is an updated pic of my gorgeous nephew with his beautiful mummy at Christmas....

Sorry...I couldn't resist it :)