Thursday, 21 August 2008

Rainy Days and Reminiscing.

View From My Window

Its been raining none stop here in Dundee for the last Three days. And I'm sick of leaving the flat and coming back home looking like a drenched rat! Where has the summer gone.....and the more important question....when is it coming Back??? Anyone?
Jo and Me Back In The Day

Since its been miserable outside its giving me a good excuse to get start on a very belated spring clean! I was very harsh too and was able to fill 3 black bags full of junk! And for a hoarder like me .....that's not bad! It also been a year since i moved to Dundee and into my pretty flat with my little Jem of a best friend Jo! Cant believe we made it a year and going for another one haha. As Jo always says we work, eat and live together so in the end we will either hate the sight of each of each other or our friendship will be think it will be option two :)

Anyway i found some little blasts from the past when cleaning out my room, like one of my old diaries that hadn't been unlocked since i was 17 so..... 5 years Wow. Was really lovely to read it again. Its been making me think about all the very wonderful people iv had in my life, especially one very special person:D

Its also inspired me to do a little research for some designs. I knew this cleaning marlarky would come in handy for something haha.

Here's hoping the sun comes out soon :)