Wednesday, 30 April 2008

So hand in for all this years semesters work was due in for marking today and needless to say iv been crapping it for the past few days. My appointment was at 10am this morning and i felt it went really well with some really good criticism and some constructive points about how to get better marks for presentation...not that it was bad but i know i could have done better. My tutor Teena is also going to mark me with special circumstances due to my accidence (my fractured arm) which cause me to nearly 4 weeks where i couldnt do any practical work! From the meeting i think i have realise that i work a lot better with small tight piece of jewellery that the larger body adornment jewellery and fashion pieces. I do enjoy the challenge of them...but in the end my small wearable piece always look far more professional.

So thats me finished second year :)! And it feels great but still got lots of work head with the Westend Festival starting in just over 6 weeks. Ill post some picture as soon as i start making. Its also a busy week for socialising as i turn 23 on May the 4th... God i feel old lol. Looking forward to our night out in Broughty Ferry tho on the 7th! I can tell its going to be a good one :)

And to all those 4th year Jews ..aka Jewellery students .. out there getting ready for the Degree show... Good luck girlies :)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Im back!

Well i cant believe my last post was at Christmas! Times have been busy always. So a quick catch up on the past few months - Pasts all my jewellery projects and was really chuffed with my grades :). In February all of the student in the jewellery department got the chance to go to Munich to visit the Massive jewellery exhibition called Inhorgenta. It was completely mind blowing! So many nice things, I just had to treat myself and bought this funky little brooch By blabla blue.

Another exciting thing that happened the day i came home for Germany was to find out that i got a job in the new Jane Norman in the Overgate. Its just part time but i need money to get me by over the summer. Iv been in the job over a month now and loving it..all the girls are really nice.

Ok so im nearly finished my 2nd year at Duncan of Jordanstone...the time has truly flew in, before i know it im going to be finish! Im loving my time up here in Dundee but missing home loads too. The girls in my class are the best tho and keep my head up in the good, bad and stressful time lol!

Exciting times are on the horizon with the Westend Festival fast approaching! Got so many ideas and new designs for this year. I want to incorporate fabric into some of my pieces this year, and these beautiful little numbers By Tina Givens on Etsy are just some of what i might be using. So all you people in and around the Glasgow area, pop on down to Byres Road on the 15th and Gibson St on the 22nd of June. Its a great day out with lots of lovely stalls as well as the spectactical street parade! So got a very busy schedual ahead but i promise to keep on top of my blog from now on :D