Thursday, 29 May 2008

To Glasgow, Ayr and Back again

So iv had a pretty busy few weeks! On the work front... iv finished 9 canvases for the Westend Festival, once i start painting i just cant help myself. I find it so relaxing and once i start i just cant stop, but i must as i have abandoned my jewellery and need to get back on track. I did find time in between my painting to order my new funky business cards. I used as these little jems are just what i was looking for!

On Sunday i took a wee trip on down to my home town of sunny Ayr for my Dads birthday... it was also an excuse to get home and spend some time with my family, especially my big sister who i miss so much!! I love the smell of the sea breeze, its the little things like that remind me of the summer and the many days i spent as a kid playing by the beach. I also used this opportunity to collect some source of my home town which i will hopefully be able to use in 3rd year. A little road trip with my friend and jewellery pal Lisa (who is also an Ayrshire Lass) where we visited Dunuen Castle, The Brig O Doon and The Auld Kirk. unfortunally the weather was pretty rotten and by the time we finished i was rather damp lol.

On my journey to Ayr i decided to stop off at my friends Claire and Jamie in Glasgow as they just moved into there first flat together in Shawlands and i must say i was rather jealous... its so cute and cozy. The prefect first home!

So now that I'm home its full speed ahead with my work, if got everything i need now after stopping off in Glasgow to visit Bairds for material, so no more excuses!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dundee Sunshine

Hey ho campers! And its another beautiful day today, i cant believe how nice the weather has been over the past few day, fingers crossed it stay that way. So since my material havent arrived and i cant start making any of my new designs for the Westend Festiavl. I decided to start painting some canvases. I used inspiration for my paintings from these beautiful Laura Ashley card that i bought when in Glasgow with fellow jewellery Lisa Murphy on our day out at the Dazzle exhibition.

Well since its such a lovely day im off out to taking in some of the Dundee sunshine before its too late.

Bye for now x