Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dundee Sunshine

Hey ho campers! And its another beautiful day today, i cant believe how nice the weather has been over the past few day, fingers crossed it stay that way. So since my material havent arrived and i cant start making any of my new designs for the Westend Festiavl. I decided to start painting some canvases. I used inspiration for my paintings from these beautiful Laura Ashley card that i bought when in Glasgow with fellow jewellery Lisa Murphy on our day out at the Dazzle exhibition.

Well since its such a lovely day im off out to taking in some of the Dundee sunshine before its too late.

Bye for now x


Lisa J. Murphy said...

Hehe! Me,meemz,kim,lizzie,anne and leah did it!! Mines quite noooky, like it though! Get in there tomorrow and get it done! Hehe! xxx

Anna Hegarty said...

Hi Nicola,

Sure thing :) id love for you to put my link on your page, ill add yours on mine too if thats ok?