Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Its All Happening!

Shame on me, iv neglected my blog for far too log. Moving flats, starting back uni and a couple of changes of jobs have kept me so busy recently. And I'm sure things wont get any easier anytime soon.

So let start with uni... that me reached my incredibility scary 4th year. Its all self directed, so iv decided to take off where I started off last year. Im going to keep going with the narrative theme, look into simulating senses and hiding meanings. Im still at the beginning stages so as once as I have something half decent ill get some sketches and samples up. We also have a lot of competitions on the horizon...oh the we need more work.

Im now living with four other jewellers this year... and the antics have already began! We are still prettifying the place, but were getting there! But unfortunately we have managed to kill all four of our gold fish. This is now a pet free flat!.

If you need cheering up...or are like me and have a thing for Jim from the US Office, then you need to see 'Away We Go'. Its definitely the best film of the summer fo sur!!

:0) x