Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I was back in the workshop today to make a start on my new brief, which is to design a narrative brooch (basically a brooch which tells a story). We were give a few topic heading to get us started and iv decided to base mines around the heading 'Life After Death'. So to get the creative juices flowing we have been asked to create giant visual mind maps! He's mine...

Im really looking forward to getting into the workshop with this one!!! Might make more than just the one brooch!

I have also heard back from the organisers of the Westend Festival... and I am soooo excited to say that I will be taking part again this year! In the next couple of weeks ill be getting up some design that I will be making.

Off out to my friend Rhiannons for some chocolate cake and a dvd session :)

Byeee for now! x

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Abigail A. Percy said...

Hi Nicola, thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and for your lovely comment...so glad you enjoyed the wee talk!

Your blog looks great, I especially love your banner! - I will be sure to bookmark it and keep an eye on what you are up to! :) x