Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas is nearly here......

I can finally feel the festive season in the air! The Christmas street lights are on and are lighting up our living room, the snow has been falling and the crappy Christmas song have been playing on the radio in the workshop :). And to really set off the Christmas mood......its the Jewellery Christmas night out tonight :D..... which will consist of lots of party dresses, cocktails and dancing to Christmas songs!

All the picture of my jewellery are up on the Hannah Zakari website now! And are all looking very professional!

So the end of the first half of 3rd year is nearly over....but for a quick 2 week project before we all head home we are learning to photo etch with Sally Pattrick. Iv been looking forward to doing this technique for so long.... There is so much you can achieve with it! Very excited indeed :D

I'm really looking forward to this friend Tony is having an Animal themed fancy dress party. I'm going to make a start on my costume tomorrow which is a panda he he

Enjoy your weekend

:D x

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