Friday, 27 March 2009

The start of my 4th year journey!:S

Today i had a meeting with my main tutor for my 3rd year projects. As we have pretty much finished for the summer, the tutors thought it would be a good idea for us to start thinking about where we would like to go with forth year, which will ultimately lead to our degree show (scary thought). After out last Narrative project (which i really enjoyed) I think i would like to create a collection of piece withing the 'Narrative Theme' and looking into incorporating some kinda of textiles. I would also like to research the idea of jewellery which evokes the sense...looking into touch and smell.

In my meeting my tutor suggested that i would be better starting with an idea and developing through making, which i totally agree with as i was just drawing from source and getting nowhere. So my next step will be to start a selection of samples that will hopefully develop into pieces i will use in 4th year. I have been playing around with stitching recently and i will hopefully be getting the use of one the free hand sewing machines from the textiles department...thanks to ash :D.

me and ash...

So a little more development throughout the weekend but for tonight, I'm off to ash's for dinner...yum yum :D


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