Saturday, 12 July 2008

Mega Bus Junky!

Over the past month or so iv been spending a lot of my time on the handy old Mega Bus! Apart from the smelly windy lickers and rather stinky old people who sit beside you and like to talk to themselves.... the Mega bus does have some very good up-sides to it.
1. I never seem to have time sit and daydream these days. My mega bus journeys have brought me back to the world of day dreaming and im loving it! Just the other day while on my way back to Glasgow i started to plan where i want to go traveling! What i would do and what i would love to see if money was no object! Im so in need of an adventure! (only two more years of uni then im off!)
2. I download sooooo much music and since im not making my daliy trek back and forth to uni the mega bus allows me to sit back and enjoy my good taste in music! Download some classics recently like some Journey, Lamb Stereolab and my current fav Plastic Bertrand. Have a listen! :D

Also becoming a bit of a culinary genius in the kitchen! No more pot noodles for me!!! Been knocking up so masterpieces like, Stuffed peppers with hot thai style rice and Lentil bake!

Other big news is that things are looking up in the Jewellery section. I finally have my piece selling in a shop!!!! The company is called Foxy Woo and its based in Inereray. Also got some good contacts from my manager at work whos friends with Racheal who owns and runs the well known website called Hannah Zakari. Showed her a couple of my collections and should hopefully have piece on the site in Sept! :).

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