Thursday, 13 December 2007

A month already

How time flies when you’re having fun....Well not so much fun, more like work really. Things at uni have gotten pretty intense over the past few weeks, lots of written work for my Design, History, Theory and Practice lectures. And deadlines for practical work have crept up faster than I ever imagined. Our last project we had was based on the use of line and how to create line using metal. I really enjoyed this project and found that I work really well with wire. I like the way you can create 3 dimensional forms that can sit lightly against the body. We had two briefs to complete in our line project. The source I used to inspirer me for this project was nature, using things with simple lines in them. I also took inspiration from a book I recently bought called 'Into the Nature of Creatures and Wilderness'. It’s filled with interesting and unusual forms of nature from photography, illustrations, prints and computer designed images. The first was to create a brooch showing sample a brooch fitting and contemporary ways to wear it against the body. For this I created a pin out of Stainless steel, twisting the wire to form an intricate shape, which I then took sections of and stitched purple material into it with brass wire. For the second brief we were to create a piece that adorned the body. I liked the idea of a piece that was pinned to the cliché place you would wear a brooch, but then design it so it ran over the shoulder and down the back.

To create my piece I used brass wire which I rolled to give a flat shape. I also used very thin round brass wire which I twisted and knotted then ran through the rolling mills to create these delicate and intricate squiggle shapes. I held these shapes in place by wrapping them round the small frames to keep them in place.
I was really pleased with my final piece.

On the 30th of Dec I also had a Jewellery sale at Money Quest offices in Glasgow, my sister works there and she had been raving on to the colleges about my jewellery. So me and my friends Joanne, who is also at DOJ decided to sell some of our piece to make a bit of money, which was desperately need as us students are poor you know! It was a really good day and we both did really well.

So that’s me all finished up for the holidays now and ill be heading back down home soon to sunny Ayr to spend Christmas with my family and friends. Not that it will be a relaxing holiday since my sister has just bought a new house, which im sure ill be roped into help decorating! Good job I love her!

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Lisa J. Murphy said...

It's meee! Hehe. Nice photoshopping! Lol. Makes my hair look nice! 'Mon the nights out! hehe x