Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I want this for christmas...

After showing my degree show collection at the wonderful Junction gallery in Aberdeen for the last 2 and a half months, they have now been whisked off to York to the Yorkshire Sculpture Gallery where they are currently on sale :). The YSP has four gallery is set in the beautiful 500acers 18th century parkland and my pieces are going to be talking part in there Christmas exhibition.

These little beauties above, which are on my list to Santa, are skillfully created by Nora Rochel. Nora Rochel explores the world of flowers and organic growth as visual formgiving and expressiveness in both jewellery and everyday objects.

Life has changed a lot for me recently and only over the past few days have I realised that life really is too short. I'm fed up spending too much time worrying about things that might happen and intend on just letting go a bit more...and I'm hoping this will show within my new collect I'm currently working on. And like Nora's inspiration, nature, things are constantly changing so lets change with them :)


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Kate Duncan said...

nature is a wonderful inspiration. have a look at Laura Su's cast collection which is an excellent example of change. So many designers look at nature when it is fresh and vibrant but I think the beauty also lies in the process of decay